Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chubby Warbler Guy

When I watched back the latest episode of Glee season one, I accidentally noticed this guy when he walked through Finn when Finn's talking to Rachel on stair. Then I realized that he's the chubby Warbler guy. What was he doing in McKinley? Did he transfer to Dalton Academy due to being bullied for being (umm..) fat? Well, I mean look at his face, his "have mercy on me I'm freezing, lonely, and starving and tired and miserable" look. Actually he was on season one not even once but several times. It ain't impossible if he experienced the same tragedy as Kurt's right? I bet he'll be on the show as the main character one day, and will no longer as a supernumerary. It happened to Lauren Zizes , so I guess it could happen again. I hope Ryan will consider to write a character about this guy. (I believe he can sing)


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